5 Great Uses for a Compact Hairbrush

5 Great Uses for a Compact Hairbrush


You need to brush your hair throughout the day or you’ll have a tangled mess. Whether you have straight or curly hair – tangles are tangles. But carrying around a full-size brush is heavy and cumbersome, not to mention unsanitary. 

A compact hairbrush makes it easy to always have a brush handy. But where should you carry a travel hairbrush? We’ve compiled the top places customers carry our hairbrushes to help you out.

Carry it in your Purse

Your purse goes everywhere you go, so why not throw a portable brush in it? When you’re in the bathroom, the car, or even while sitting on the train, you can brush your hair and get out those nasty tangles.

Knowing you always have a brush handy is reassuring. No one wants to show up to their destination with messy hair and with the country slowly opening again, we’ll need to care about our appearance more often which means carrying a brush with us.

Just don’t forget to transfer it over when you change purses. With the changing weather, we often change purses to a lighter or more ‘trendy’ option for the spring and summer weather. 

Take with you on Trips

Checking baggage is expensive, so we need to do everything we can to keep our suitcase sizes to a minimum. Next to using the compression bags to minimize the space your clothes take up, you’ll need to pare down your grooming supplies.

A compact hairbrush is a must because you need a brush but a full-size brush could take up too much room. Plus, without a cover on it, the brush will pick up many germs, dirt, and debris. You don’t want that in your hair!

Keep in your Desk at Work

How often have you run your hands through your hair at your desk only to find tangles on top of your tangles? Keep a travel brush in your desk so you never have to fumble around looking for a brush.

Take a micro-break (those are big right now) and give yourself the gift of brushing your hair. Brushing your hair get not only rids of tangles but also relaxes you. Take your time brushing from the ends to your scalp and enjoy the relaxing experience.

Throw it in your Gym Bag

Whether you shower at the gym or head home, there’s always a need for a brush in your gym bag. If you come straight from work, you may need to throw your hair up in a ponytail or messy bun. Using your fingers leaves lumps and bumps and isn’t attractive.

If you have a brush handy, you can smooth out your ponytail and get to work. When you’re done working out, you’ll need a brush to get through the tangles your tough workout created. You should never go to the gym without one!

Keep it in the Diaper Bag

Diaper bags feel like they carry everything but the kitchen sink, but you should never be without a brush. Don’t take up too much room or weigh down your bag more than necessary though. You need your energy to carry your baby or toddler too.

Throwing a great travel brush in your diaper bag ensures you can detangle or fix your hair, and fix your busy toddler’s hair after a day at the park or running around with friends. There’s always a need to have a brush handy when you have little ones running around.

Don’t Leave Home without a Travel Brush

The bottom line, you need a compact hairbrush everywhere you go. Think of the bags you carry often and make sure each has a brush in it.

Don’t forget about your desk or the space that you spend the most time in too. Even if you work from home, you probably sit at your desk most of the day and don’t go into the bathroom with your grooming supplies.

Make it easy to take care of your hair and consider it a little self-care as you enjoy the few minutes it takes to get your hair back to normal.