7 Types Of Blazers That You Should Know!

7 Types Of Blazers That You Should Know!

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Most people think that blazers are worn only in winter, but did you know that you can wear blazers throughout the year? That’s right! Blazer is not only restricted to thick winter coats but have evolved to various styles and can be worn during different seasons depending on their type. When we talk about the quintessential outfits to be in every women’s wardrobe, blazers come first.

There are numerous types of blazers that women generally choose. Based on the style and comfort level, women can wear them for almost any function,  casual outing with friends, or a meeting at the office. We all should have at least one type of blazer in our wardrobe from the list which is mentioned below. Also, you can Look for Balmain Women Clothes if you want to buy classy blazers.

1. Cape Blazer:

If you are attending a formal meeting or planning to hit a nightclub, a cape blazer can be your mini dress’s best friend and both pairs will be a good match. Also, cape blazers are the best to match with LBD.

2. Coloured Blazer:

Along with basic neutral colours in your wardrobes, coloured blazers should also be there, as colours look vibrant; and in a formal meeting, you must have that vibrant look on you. You can change your preferences according to your choice of light or dark colours.

3. Printed Blazer:

These blazers are like coloured blazers, bring vibrancy to your look and you can transform yourself into a classier person. Polka dots, fishnets, or stripes prints go really well, but if you are attending some informal event, go for floral prints and a much more vibrant one.

4. Waterfall Blazer:

These blazers are one of the prettiest modifications in the design of blazers and they look classy. At least one piece of waterfall blazer is highly recommended as the style can be adopted for both formal and informal events.

5. Peplum Blazer:

7 Types Of Blazers That You Should Know!

Peplum Blazers are another pretty type of the modified style trend of blazers. These blazers have a curve on its bottom which is peplum shaped, and it looks very catchy on it.  If you are a blazer lover, then you should definitely own one of this kind.

6. Lace Blazer:

These blazers are made of lace fabric. It allows you to feel comfortable when you are busy grooving on the dance floor. Lace blazer is totally eye-catching as these blazers take a class to a different level with their soft feminine elegance. Denim skirts, V Necked T-Shirts can be used with Lace Blazer. And also try to match them with your favourite skinny jeans.

 7. Leather Blazer:

These types of blazers should be owned by every woman as they are classic and versatile and have the power to give almost any outfit an edge. A leather blazer can be worn in the classic motorcycle style, which is casual and paired with jeans and combat boots. You can also use leather blazers in a more classy way, by pairing it with your outfits and ankle boots.