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Analysis of Dragon Tiger Game Rules To Surely Win

Georgia Castro


Before stepping into how to play Dragon Tiger, an introduction to Dragon Tiger rules through the rules would be shown. First, it is necessary for dealers to prepare 6 decks of cards in a table with 3 main options: Dragon, Tiger and tie. This type of game is considered to be the second type of baccarat, so the way to play is as simple as baccarat. Based on the previous-experienced gamers in this game, it is not possible to perform any tricks but only depends on luck.

In this article, analysis of Dragon Tiger Game Rules to have the best preparation before and in-game process, leading to surely win.

The Types Of Bets In Dragon Tiger That You Should Know:

In Dragon and Tiger game, the deck is arranged with cards from big to small as from A, 2, 3, 4, to 10, J, Q, K and does not matter whether it is heart, diamond, club or spade. The point calculation is also based on the ascending trend is: A is 1 point, piece 2 is 2 points of increasing until J is 11 points, Q is 12 points, K is 13 points.

The rule is quite simple when each game has only two pieces of cards at the door of the dragon and tiger. After that, it is considered an odd or even result to know whether you have won or lost.

In the online Dragon Tiger is very easy to play but you need to choose a reputable and safe dealer as well as a high rate of winning to register as a member. Because recently, technology is booming a great number of virtual websites appearing to cheat money or steal your information.

After logging in, you should click on the tiger to join immediately to play, but should also observe the first few games to observe and draw yourself experience. As a result of consecutive even numbers, the game continues to have very high odds, and surely win the dealer.

There are many types of bets in this type of game. But in this article, an introduction and analysis of 2 common types of bets that players often play are shown.

The First Is Dividing The Odd And Even Option To Bet Money:

Bet High And Low Points For 2 Options Dragon And Tiger:

How Are The Odds Of Losing Or Winning In Dragon Tiger Calculated?

Guidelines and explanations of the problems encountering of players in Dragon Tiger, the result of winning or losing is also an important part for you. Because in addition to entertainment with entertaining games, playing Dragon Tiger is also a way to make money or receive special prizes from the organizers.

This game is popular with many people because its payout ratio is absolutely 1: 1, the advantage for the dealer and players is the same because it is much-placed on luck. If you intend to participate in Casino Games online, do not ignore this Dragon Tiger game because of its transparency and fairness.

The significant highlight and recommendation of Dragon Tiger rules are that when participating in this game, you should also choose reputable websites to be a member, otherwise you will lose money. Because there are so many game websites right now, it is because of too many numbers that the quality is also decreasing, meaning the rate of surely win the dealer is also going down.


From sharing on the tactics and Dragon Tiger rules effectively above; hopefully, you will equip yourself with the secrets to defeat the most dangerous opponent and surely win the dealer. However, to become a master, you must practice skills, go from basic to advanced level.

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