Gifts Ideas with A Personal Touch

Gifts Ideas with A Personal Touch


We give and receive a lot of gifts over a lifetime, it can be hard to keep up with social expectations and all the details of people’s lives. Sometimes we give the easiest gifts, because good ideas are just too hard to come up with. But there are times where we really want to make an impact. People love to receive gifts that showed that you were paying attention and you know things about the person, that you see them as an individual. Today there are a lot of new solutions to personalising gifts. Thanks to technology and online shopping. There has never been a better time to find unique gifts that show you care. Here is a list of examples.

  • Baby Keepsakes – Why not send a gift that is designed to last through the ages as a cherished memory. Buying keepsakes for babies is a gift for both the mom and the child. Shopping online for a personalised baby keepsake store will provide you numerous clever ideas, that can include the baby’s name or perhaps a note from you as well.
  • Pictures and Frames – decorating your home is hard, sometimes it is nice to get a little help from your friends. You might want to enlarge a family photo and get it enhanced in some way through photoshop. Or perhaps you might choose to send only a frame, but have it personalized with the family name. This is a good time to have close knowledge of the recipient’s décor and tastes, if you get it right, you gift will receive a spot of honour on their wall.

  • Family Signpost – This is a gift for someone with a yard, but it could be used indoors as well. Intended mainly as a gift for a parent with children already out in the world. The sign will have the names of the children each on their own sign in a unique style and then pointing to the geographic direction that they live. Then when mom or dad is out watering the lawn, they can look in the direction of someone and have a nostalgic moment.
  • Personalized Study Desk – This is a perfect gift from the grandparents. Today with so many kids at home doing their schooling, having a cool personalised desk could be quite the thing. Every kid likes to have their own space defined, and with their name on their own desk, they will feel like the boss.
  • Personalized Bath Robe – Walking around in the hotel robes when you are on vacation is a simple luxury many people understand. But you are supposed to leave them at the hotel. That is why having your own robe with your name monogrammed in the style of a high-end logo is a creative and personal gift.

The list can go on and on, but hopefully these examples can get you started thinking about the possibilities of personalised gifts. Even if you don’t know somebody especially well, we all like having our names on things. Have a good look at online shopping sites, and then find out if you can get some of the best items engraved or personalized in some way. It can be a gift as unique as you are.