How to Build a Strong Foundation in Math

Math is a subject which deals with the number and their operation. Students who know how to play with the numbers they start enjoying Math while for others, mathematics becomes a daunting subject. So, love for math should be cultivated among the students from an early stage. Once the students start liking the mathematics subject, then it won’t take much time for them to build a strong command of the subject. They will gain the confidence to solve real-life problems. Also, critical thinking skills will get generated in them.

From a very early stage, kids should be introduced to the concepts of Math. We are aware of the fact that we need math to do our daily activities. For kids, it will be difficult for them to survive in this world, if they are not aware about mathematics. Math is not just a subject that is only restricted to the classroom, it is crucial while solving our daily problems such as calculating the distance, time, etc. Some kids find the subject of Mathematics interesting and engaging but for kids it is complex, boring and difficult. So, make it more interesting and fun-loving kids should play Math related games such as Math Games For Grade 2 like puzzles, riddles, etc.

Tips to Build Strong Math Foundation in Kids

Knowing Math makes students feel empowered and satisfied. It makes their lives more comfortable. They can instantly make a purchase decision, choose a better insurance and health plan for themselves and can perform many more tasks related to a daily routine. Having a good grasp in Math subjects adds to an advantage. Here are a few points which will help students in building a strong Math foundation.

1) Understand the Concept

Students were taught in the class how to solve the problem, and then they start solving it in the same way without understanding the concept behind it. So, before solving any question, students must know the concept behind it. For this, they must read the theory part of the Math textbook and then go for the exercise problems. If they want to explore more about a particular topic, then searching on the internet is the best idea. It will give them all the necessary details that they were looking for.

2) Enjoy Learning Math

Apart from the curriculum topics, try to think out of the box. Correlate the thing with daily life examples. Do some extra fun activities that involve Math. Try to visualize mathematics. Ask questions to yourself why we are solving these problems, what will be its application etc. It will help in finding a better solution to Math problems and understanding it effectively.

3) Be Curious

Always be curious to learn new things. Don’t allow the child’s curiosity to die inside you. Always ask questions to your teachers if you have any doubt. Don’t be shy or afraid of it. Discuss the topic with your friends.

4) Try a Different Method of Solving a Particular Question

Just solving the question through one method that is taught in the class will not help students in mathematics. They must try to figure out the other possible ways of solving the same problem. This will increase their aptitude solving skills.

5) Practice, Practice and Practice

The best way to master Math is to practice it. Students must solve different types of mathematical problems. They must start with the Math textbook. For example, Students of Class 1, 2, etc should first solve all the questions of their respective Math book to get thorough with the concepts.

Mathematics can’t be mastered in a day or a month. It requires continuous effort and practice.  It is like learning to play a new game. So, when it comes to kids learning math should be taught as a game rather than just making them learn the textbook concepts. Students wouldn’t know how to master it until they start playing it. So, have patience and be consistent with the studies. Gradually students will see an improvement in themselves.

Georgia Castro

Georgia Castro