Glasses from Fogging

How to Keep Glasses from Fogging While Wearing a Mask?


With the less known solution and clarity about the coronavirus situation, the feeling of safety seems hard to comprehend. Business and things are slowing getting opened and turning back to normal. With the government advice of “staying alert”, stepping out without your mask is nearly impossible. Though you might feel like a superhero with your mask on, it is also vital for your protection and safety. Along with facemask, sanitizers and gloves are the basic accessories to own while travelling.

Wearing a mask all the time is however a challenge. Adjusting to these little details and adapting with it for 24/7 is making us feel sweaty and restrained. Apart from these conditions, getting your glasses fogged-up is the biggest concern of the moment. People with prescription glasses are having a hard time with constant condensation on their glasses surface and having to clean it.

Glassess from Fogging

From kids to young adults hate their glasses getting fogged-up. This situation is however not a recent problem but it’s been going on for a while. Now, mask use has increased the population that is together facing this hardship. Fogging on glasses occurs when you switch from a hot to the cold atmosphere. The warm air from your face gets blown up directly to the eyes and creates a watery layer on it. When the atmosphere cools down, the water droplets appear and obstruct your vision. From designer prescription glasses to non-prescriptive glasses, foggy lenses are a common thing now.

Wear Masks with Nose bridge

There are different ranges of masks coming in the market. Companies are making their own masks with different patterns and designs that are stunning in visuals. However, one thing you must look for while buying a mask is a superior nose bridge. Your mask must not be too loose or easily suspendable because it allows breath air from your mouth to escape from all sides. From all sides, the upper side will lead to fogging of glasses. Hence a nose bridge sewn into the mask helps to seal the open passage and fit your nose in the most proper way.

A perfect fit mask with nose bridge helps to get rid of fogging and improves comfort and safety from other sources as well. You will be able to prevent your breadth slip and hit the surface of the glasses and get all foggy. Don’t throw away your mask if it doesn’t have any bridge, make it today. It’s pretty easy to make your own mask with a nose bridge, add twist ties or pipe cleaners and sew in between in the mask or tape it down.

Keep Glasses from Fogging

Pull The Mask Up And Put Your Glasses Above It

It’s a life-changing hack which I have also given it a try since foggy lenses were getting on my nerves lately.  Just pull your mask all the way up. Keeping it down or handing will do no good for the protection and your glasses clarity.  Pull the mask onto the top of your nose and wear the glasses on top of the fabric. The glasses weight will help the mask from falling down and your glasses will no longer be breathed at. In this situation, you would need thick and heavy frames that can create a strong influence on your mask. Order glasses online at Specscart to get the best range of thick and oversize frames with advance strength. Thick frames from Specscart are present in all sorts of stunning design, style, patterns and design to let you get the best appeal.

Clean With Soap And Water

Wearing a Masks

You can wash your glasses with soapy water and let it out to dry in the sun. Then dry them off and wear it again. You’ll no longer experience foggy surface as the washed and dried surface won’t prevent it from building it. A recent study shows that the soapy wash of the glasses leaves a film on the surface of the glasses and hence gets rid of fogging. Use soaps in the liquid motion and those made with lotion to see a greater change. However, if you wear computer glasses or any other coating on your lenses, don’t try this method. Soap wash from your glasses can erase the coating hence don’t follow if you have any special coating.

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