Lumba Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan 2021: Trend and Significance of Lumba Rakhi!!


Raksha Bandhan is an important Indian festival that has evolved significantly through time. From its ceremonies to its rakhis, the event has grown to reflect modern culture. Lumba Rakhi has recently gained a lot of attention and appeal as a result of the changing trends.

What is Lumba Rakhi?

On Raksha Bandhan, have you seen Indian women with rakhis hanging from their bangles?  That is a Lumba rakhi, a particular form of rakhi for your sister-in-law. As you would know, rakhi is an emotional connection symbolized by a decorative thread that every sister tie around her brother’s wrist. On his side, the brother gives their sister surprises and makes a secret promise to shield her from all of life’s ills. ‘Lumba’ means ‘bangle’ in Marwari. Lumba rakhi refers to the rakhi that is tied to the bangle. Even unmarried sisters tie it to one other these days. However, this Raksha Bandhan tradition carries spiritual importance as well. This is predominantly a Marwari tradition, although it is spreading to other communities as well.

What is the Best Way to Tie a Lumba Rakhi?

Lumba rakhi is tied to the sister-in-or law’s bhabhi’s bangle. This rakhi hangs like a pendant from bhabhi’s bangle, giving the sense of Kalire, which lovely Punjabi bride’s wear. Bhabhi rakhi is another name for lumba rakhi. Lumba rakhi is mainly a celebration of bhabhi’s unique place in the brother’s life and the family as a whole. Raksha Bandhan’s festival respects and praises the sacred feminine’s power by tying a Lumba rakhi around bhabhi’s wrist. Now it is easy to order Bhaiya Bhabhi rakhi. On a reliable online rakhi shop, you will find well-designed and best quality Lumba rakhi.

Spiritual Significance of Lumba Rakhi

The Lumba rakhi ritual is undeniably a worship of the divine feminine. Such traditions and practices bring tremendous belief and enthusiasm to our lives in a society where toxic patriarchy and aggressive patriarch rule. The most beautiful part about the Lumba rakhi ritual is that it embraces masculinity instead of excluding it. Lumba rakhi is an all-encompassing tradition that promotes worldwide sisterhood, empathy, and Togetherness at the end. This rakhi custom holds an essential spiritual value in our society. This Raksha Bandhan, send your bhabhi a Lumba rakhi. It would undoubtedly bring joy and happiness to your brother and sister-in-law’s lives.

Some Vital Importance of Lumba Rakhi

Lumba rakhis are vibrant in design since women wear them. It also comes in many different sizes and beautiful styles. Danglers, mirror work, and sequins are commonly used. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, a Lumba rakhi readily brings out the attractive characteristics of every woman due to its appealing designs. Our brothers and sisters-in-law’s marital bond is strengthened by the Bhai and Bhabhi rakhi.  Furthermore, the custom of tying this bhaiya and bhabhi rakhi safeguards other essential parts of life. For our more profound understanding, below is a thorough explanation and significance of the Lumba Rakhi:

  • Wish For Long and Happy Married Life: A Lumba Rakhi enhances the link between two people, even though marriages are between two people. When we tie a Lumba rakhi on the wrist of our sister-in-law, we wish her a happy married life. Lumba rakhis are regarded as a symbol of stable and long-term relationships. Lumba rakhi will indeed show your admiration and love towards your Bhabhi. Sisters on rakhi pray for their married brother a happy and lovely life with their dear bhabhi.
  • Keeping the family together: Family relationships are significant in India. During the Lumba rakhi ceremony, we tie rakhi on a sister-in-law’s wrist for their well-being because of the good morals instilled in us. We use a Lumba Rakhi to seek protection for our entire family with our sister-in-law in the house. A small custom of Lumba rakhi spreads happiness and links the whole family together. After Brother’s marriage, his wife is considered a lucky woman for the family. In Indian culture, Bhabhi is also viewed as mother love.

Rakhi Gift Hampers for Bhaiya Bhabhi

In India, throughout the festive season, gift combos and hampers are always popular. This Raksha Bandhan, cherish your bhabhi presence in life by making her happy with her favorite treats and gifts. As soon as she opens the present on Rakhi day, she will be glad to see your love and care.

On Raksha Bandhan, the sister should also celebrate the festival with the most valuable lady in her life.  Whether it’s a gift for a married sister on Raksha Bandhan or a token of gratitude for the cherished bhabhi, shower them with affection and tokens of appreciation. This year, make Raksha Bandhan more memorable for the lovely ladies of the house! Online you will easily find Brother rakhi and Bhabhi rakhi. So, if they are living away from you, don’t get tensed. Send lovely rakhi via a trustworthy online rakhi shop. will deliver you a high-quality item with an efficient rakhi delivery service.