Recycling 100-Year Old Items


For many people, going ‘antiquing’ is a favourite pass time. It’s a way to relax and sift through hundreds of years of historic artifacts while searching for that special piece to complete their home décor. Not only that, searching for antiques and finding a new home or a new use for them is the original form of recycling.

Whether you call it upcycling, recycling, or re-using, there is something special about bringing an antique into your home. Even giving one as a gift can mean a lot to the recipient as it shows that you thought enough about them to take the time to search for a special gift that can’t be found anywhere else.  Bringing these 100- year old, or more, items back to life and using them again in today’s modern world can mean a lot to the environment as well.

When we recycle, we keep items out of landfills. This is the same idea behind antiquing. We are saving a piece of furniture, a decorative collectible, even a vintage light fixture or appliance, from being thrown away into a landfill where it could take hundreds of years more to fully biodegrade. This can effectively help protect the environment and keep our planet healthier.

Another benefit of purchasing antiques for your home is that they can add a hugely different look to any room in your home. Use antiques as decorative or focal pieces and design your room around them to create a truly inviting charm that you just can’t get from new home furnishings.

Recycle Your Antiques

If you have antiques that you no longer want or know what to do with, consider taking them to an antique expert instead of throwing them away. Some pieces might be valuable, whereas others might not hold monetary value, but someone could be looking for them to complete a set or to create a certain look inside their home. By selling or donating your antiques, you will be recycling them and become a part of a global initiative to help save the planet.

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