Stunning coastlines, the most beautiful national parks, endless highways and desolate deserts – this and more you’ll find on the West Coast of the United States of America. Reason enough to plan your next road trip across the wild nature of this part of the world. But where to start and what to bring? In this blog you’ll discover some of the best routes to take, places to visit and sights to see, so buckle up and plan your road trip now!

In Pioneers’ Footsteps

Top left on the map of the United States, you’ll find the beautiful and rather untouched state of Oregon. In this state, the famous Oregon Trail comes to an end and hence marked the destination for nineteenth century pioneers seeking a new life in ‘wild west’. Given the fact that the original Oregon Trail is over 2,000 miles long, a journey along the entirety of the route is not advisable, however, as part of your West Coast exploration, a small part of the Trail is definitely worth a try. So start your trip in Portland, the capital of Oregon, and discover what this land of pioneers has to offer!

Down to the Bay

The Bay Area surrounding San Francisco is definitely worth visiting. Thanks to a history of free-spirited communities as well as a highly tech-oriented business scope, the Bay Area knows plenty of interesting sites to visit. Music, great (vegan) food, marine life and more – the Bay Area culture is unmistakably thriving.

The trip from Portland to San Francisco can be done by car if you take a few days to descend from North to South. Along the way, you’ll find great sights and spectacular coastlines, so don’t think the drive itself will not be exciting. If you prefer public transport, the train is an excellent choice. The railroad along the West Coast takes you through breath-taking scenery and allows you to get off at any station along the way, only to continue your journey whenever you feel like it.

Hug Trees

In just a few hours from the Bay Area, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the world’s tallest trees in Yosemite National Park. The Sequoia trees in Yosemite will undoubtedly make you feel small and humble, with some reaching a height  of 80+ metres – towering over the forest and any building in close proximity.

The sequoia’s make a great décor for memorable photos; stand around the stem of one of the giants and touch hands – how many people do you need to close the circle? Aside from the immense trees, Yosemite has plenty more to offer. So you’ll need a day or three to see anything you want and experience the truly untouched wild of California.

Test Your Luck 

Move away from the coast a bit to visit the city of cities: Las Vegas. Whether you enjoy gambling or fancy a glamorous show, you’re all set in this desert city. Make sure to book a room in advance to prevent overpaying, and make sure you park your car somewhere away from the strip. Parking can be hugely expensive in Las Vegas; and you probably want to use your valuable money elsewhere.

When driving from Yosemite National Park to Las Vegas, you can choose to cross Death Valley National Park. As the name suggests, this desert-scenery is dry and monotonous but spectacular nonetheless. Make sure to bring enough water, because temperatures can be raging hot.

Still not bored of the sand triangle bordering Nevada, Arizona and Southern California? Take your trip a little further East and enjoy the magical landscape of the Grand Canyon!

Meet the Stars

After days of sand and dust, you crave luxury. And luxury you’ll find on your next stop: Los Angeles. Glitter, glamour, Hollywood and Beverly Hills – Los Angeles speaks to the imagination and offers everything you ever wished for, and more. With movie stars walking past you on an hourly basis and recognizing every street corner from your favourite series and films, you’ll never be bored.

Moreover, Los Angeles is the perfect city to end your road trip as most intercontinental flights depart from LAX. So enjoy the trendy culture of LA for a few days before you go back to the reality of life!