The Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In Washington State

The Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In Washington State


Whenever we think about the people of Washington State, immediately there are images of Rains, Seattle, Rocks, and wind in our minds. Washington is a diversified state and also known as Evergreen State.

On 11th November 1889, it was converted into a union and got the rank of 42nd state of the nation. Olympia is the capital of Washington. The most liked places of Washington by tourists are mountains and beaches. Everyone wants a house that is full of comfort and Washington is best in this.

Home prices of Washington are growing faster than that of any other state in the country and it happens first time in the quarter-century. Its price is approximately double the national average. Here is a countdown of the 5 most expensive places.


Bellingham is the least expensive state of Washington, located in Whatcom County. Its population is 35,165 and its population vise it is on 13th rank. . The average price of a home in Bellingham is $212, 435. The cost depends upon the number of bedrooms. The average cost of 1 bedroom is $109,363, 2 bedrooms are $159,488, so on so forth. The number of currently available properties in Bellingham is 336. Its market position is 88/100.


The 2nd least state of Washington is Lynnwood. It is the 4th largest city in Washington. The population of Lynnwood is 35,836. The average price of a home in Lynnwood is $320,000 but it varies seasonally. The home price of Lynnwood grown up to 10.6 percent over the last year and the real estate company Zillow forecast that the price will be increased up to 9.2 percent in the upcoming year.


The 3rd least expensive state of Washington is Pullman that is situated in the region of Palouse. Its population is 34,833. Its typical home price is $344,054. Like the above three states, its home value is also adjusted according to the season.


Given the above mentioned stated, Woodinville is the fourth expensive state of Washington, located in king country. Its pollution is 12,871. Its average home value price is currently $577,300. The currently available home in Woodinville is 49. Its scoring rate according to the market value is 94/100. Its residential portions are made of wood.

The Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In Washington State


Seattle is the most expensive state in Washington. Its population is 3,433,000. The average price of a home in Seattle is $783, 969 but it varies seasonally. Zillow i.e., the real estate company predicted that the value of its property goes up to 5.6 percent from now till 2021. There is a chance of a decrease in-home price due to the areas affected by wildfire. Its scoring rate according to market value is 87/100

All the mentioned above states are the top most expensive states according to house prices of Washington and they all are bearing a shortage of home supply that is because of an increase in their population rate.