Thirsty for Christmas? Here’s How You Can Include Drinks In Your Party!

A party isn’t a party without drinks! But it’s no secret that drinks and food can be pricey to throw, so it’s essential that you plan accordingly to maximize the value of your budget and minimize the cost of your event. Here are some tips on how you can include drinks in your Christmas party this year, whether it’s an intimate get-together at home or an elaborate corporate event in a hotel ballroom.

No-Alcohol Cocktails

If you’re planning a non-alcoholic party, be sure to include a wide variety of drinks. Make sure there is at least one choice for each guest that tastes good, is festive and has appeal to as many people as possible. It also doesn’t hurt to have a backup in case someone wants something else while they are enjoying their original choice. If you are serving juice or soda beverages instead of alcohol, add color and make it fun! For example, serve cranberry juice in cocktail glasses with bright red skewers full of candied rosemary or lime wedges instead of mint leaves. These small details can bring cheerfulness without alcohol getting in the way.


While some parties might tolerate beer and wine, most festive gatherings are associated with alcohol. With that in mind, it’s probably best to avoid serving alcoholic drinks when you’re hosting an office party. But you can still offer guests a refreshing drink that keeps their happy buzz going—and doesn’t make them loopy. Mocktails are delicious non-alcoholic alternatives to typical party drinks like wine, beer, and cocktails. They use alcohol-free mixes and extracts along with fresh fruit juices or herbs so they contain all of the sweetness without any of the boozy hangover effects on New Year’s Day morning.

Something With Alcohol

If you want to include a little alcohol in your party, then you are limited to just one drink or beer. If you want guests to get tipsy at your party and enjoy a lot of drinks, then we can suggest that you should plan a separate cocktail and mocktail bar instead. During dinner, it is only polite to offer something non-alcoholic as well. The non-alcoholic drinks such as juices or mocktails will help people who don’t drink alcohol. Thus, if your guest list contains guests who don’t drink alcohol, there will be no problem at all during dinner time with regards to inviting them over.

Hire Pop Up Bars For Christmas Parties

If you’ve decided to do have drinks in your party, consider hiring pop up bars. Pop up bars can take care of your drinks for you and help you keep everything organized and neat. With pop up bars, you don’t have to worry about planning how much money to spend on alcohol or having wasted alcohol lying around at the end of your party. If there are any leftovers, pop up bar companies offer drop-off service, where they’ll collect all remaining beverages from your party and dispose of them responsibly. Visit Christables for more information.

Georgia Castro

Georgia Castro