Who Invented Briefs?


One of the biggest questions that men ask each other about underwear, “do you wear boxers or briefs?” has been around for ages, and likely no one alive can remember a time when this question wasn’t applicable. These two types of underwear are the most common, and it’s understandable why. Both provide the kind of comfort that those that prefer them need, and it’s likely that if you don’t want to wear boxers you’d prefer briefs and visa versa. But where did briefs come from? Who invented one of the most popular types of underwear today?

A Brief History

Briefs haven’t always been around, in fact, this super popular type of underwear isn’t even 100 years old yet. Most modern men’s underwear was invented in the 1930s. Boxers predate briefs by nearly 10 years and were invented for, well, boxers in 1925. Briefs on the other hand were first sold by Coopers Inc. on January 19,1935. They entirely got rid of the leg sections and had an overlapping Y flap fly section.

The man that invented briefs was an apparel engineer named Arthur Kneibler. Briefs were originally known as Jockeys and were meant to provide more support than the jockstrap did for athletes. Jockeys were so popular that they sold over 30,000 pairs after their first month and later inspired Cooper to change the name of their company to Jockeys. Their jockeys weren’t just popular in the US, as when they were introduced in the UK they sold at an incredible rate, roughly 3,000 pairs a week. That’s roughly 156,000 a year!

Briefs are an Incredible Revolution in Men’s Underwear.

Regardless whether you prefer to wear them or not, briefs were revolutionary for the underwear world. They provided a level of comfort and support that many had not known before. Before the invention of briefs, most athletes wore jockstraps. While there’s nothing wrong with jockstraps or preferring them for your athletic ventures, they are definitely not a perfect solution for every single person. Many people need the extra fabric and support for their botox, and briefs are able to prove that in a way that jockstraps simply cannot. With any luck, we’ll be able to continue to see how men’s undergarments evolve over time. Who knows, mauve within our lifetimes someone will create a type of underwear that is even more comfortable than the ones we already have.

Why It’s Important.

The history behind any given thing that exists within our society is very important. Knowing the roots of something helps us to understand why it was invented in the first place, and how exactly it fits into our culture. Briefs are a great example of this, as they are an item that many households worldwide have but not many people know the history of them. It’s interesting to learn why they were created, and that was because a man in the 1930s thought that he could create a more comfortable type of underwear for athletes, and his invention passed the test of time claiming one of the spots of one of the most popular types of underwear.

Underwear for All.

Most places in the world you can find people wearing underwear. The types vary on the culture in any given place in the world, but it’s undeniable that briefs are among the most popular overall. Fortunately for briefs lovers, this kind of underwear can be found at nearly any store that sells underwear, and in all sorts of materials and designs. Making sure that you have your favorite kind of underwear shouldn’t be a hassle, and it’s easier than ever to make sure that you’re comfortable in your clothes.