Why Choose A Central Vacuum System?

A central vacuum system is a high-quality furnishing for a home. There are many ways to get a house clean using a vacuum, but not many of them can be called an investment. The reasons for choosing a central system are clear. They work better, are more powerful, and have certain other advantages over an everyday model.

The value of a house goes up with a central vacuum

Buying a regular push-type vacuum, even one of the more expensive models, cannot make the value of a house go up. Considering that some models, such as Hoover vacuums can cost $3000 and higher, this is a significant superiority of a central vacuum. A push model, no matter how expensive, is not a part of the house. Not so with a central vacuum. This type of vacuum comes with a more powerful motor and a tubing system that runs inside the home. A central vacuum is installed when the house is built. It can also be installed later. It is better to think ahead and install the system before the house is built to be able to use electrified valves. Some vacuum heads now have battery power. This is great for those who have their central vacuum installed after their house is built. Central vacuum system cost can actually be in the negative because the vacuum is a part of the house. This cost can be reclaimed when the house is sold.

A central vacuum is more powerful

If you have not seen the motor on a central vacuum system, you may be surprised. They are huge. A small portable vacuum seems to have plenty of power to suck up dirt. But the huge motor on a central vacuum has even more sucking power. This means less total time actually doing the work of vacuuming. The weaker motor on a smaller, portable model will not suck up as much dirt. Inevitably, this means that a carpet will need cleaning more frequently. Not so with the more powerful central system. How much time would a central vacuum save? It depends on how dirty the rugs and carpet are becoming. Suffice it to say that if they get dirtier than the average home, a central vacuum model would definitely save time. There would be less overall cleaning time because of the more powerful motor. Consider the central vacuum system cost in relation to getting housework done. How much is your time worth? Using less time vacuuming is a worthy goal to achieve. A weaker vacuum that is a portable model will take up more overall time in your life because it ultimately sucks up less dirt while being used. The smart choice is the central system. This not just in relation to the bank account, but also for having more free time to do things you want to do.

Georgia Castro

Georgia Castro